Cayman Islands Adventures guide

Top 6 waterfront locations in Cayman Islands

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Kenizsa Wang
Live update: Updated November 12, 2021

1. Rackam's

93 N Church St, George Town, Cayman Islands

2. Rum Point Beach

16 Sand Point Rd, Rum Point, Cayman Islands

3. Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill

585 Water Cay Rd, Rum Point KY1-1701, Cayman Islands

4. Sunset House, Grand Cayman's Hotel for Divers, by Divers

390 S Church St, George Town KY1-1106, Cayman Islands

5. Tukka

898, Austin Conolly Dr, Gun Bay, Cayman Islands

6. Morritt's Resorts

Queens Hwy, Cayman Islands
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