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Top 7 Letchworth State Park locations in New York

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Michal Ben-Ari and
Mike Wendland and
Wendy Bowyer
Live update: Updated October 23, 2021

1. Letchworth State Park

6425 Park Rd, Castile, NY 14427, USA

2. Letchworth State Park Upper Falls

6703 Park Rd, Genesee Falls, NY 14536, USA

3. Humphrey Nature Center

6773 Trailside Rd, Genesee Falls, NY 14427, USA

4. William Pryor Letchworth Museum

6514 Park Rd, Castile, NY 14427, USA

5. Middle Falls Lookout

7 Park Rd, Castile, NY 14427, USA

6. Lower Falls Trailhead

Octagon Rd, Hunt, NY 14846, USA

7. Letchworth State Park

7634-7670 River Rd, Mt Morris, NY 14510, USA
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